Corsairs (and Corsair Models) over Connecticut

IPMS Igor Sikorsky, Stratford, CT model display helps Veterans Salute:
Corsairs Over Connecticut celebrates 60th Anniversary of the end of WWII.

June 3-5, 2005 brought five flying Chance Vought F4U Corsairs home to Connecticut for the Veterans Salute, a celebration honoring the men and woman who worked on the home front and served in the military during WWII.  IPMS Igor Sikorsky Chapter of Stratford, Connecticut put on a display of WWII aircraft, warships and figures including a display of every major Corsair variant.  Models were built by club members: Len Roberto, Gene Madara, Doug Hamilton, Dave Dinan, Bob Hulford, Ray Prokoski, and Tony Cofrancesco.The interest generated by the model display was overwhelming and members spent many hours with veterans and visitors talking about the models and their contributions to WWII.  It was gratifying to share our hobby with young and old, especially meeting the scores of vets who had amazing connections to the aircraft diaplayed.