Johnnie Morales

This 1/6 scale figure was sculpted by Perna for Toiletface, and is #4 of 50 cast. Johnnie painted the kit using acrylic colors only, custom mixing the flesh shades and using khaki green and dark green chalk pastels for the pants. The shirt was painted white with baby blue chalk pastels for details. The claws were made from coat hangers sculpted and polished. It took 3 weeks to finish this highly animated looking figure.


 This 1/6th scale figure of unknown origin underwent some extensive repair to some of the smaller, finer parts including fingers and the boots. The flesh was a custom mixture of raw and burnt siennas and white. Her outfit was painted in blue with a small amount of black added. Additional fine details were airbrushed on this very detailed kit.

Guyver 1
Biobooster Armor



This 1/8th scale kit has many, many details that Johnnie added.

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