January 15, 2005
Oldest Model Night
Revell 1/72 P-26
Built by Ray Prokoski in 1967

The oldest kit I have- Part of the 3 Plane set I got as a birthday present. I remember brush painting with 15 cent testors PLA enamel paint. I remember how happy I was mixing the green paint to match. I bought another set in 1999 out of nostalgia. It cost me  $10.00 at a show for another one. The original cost 69 cents at Diskay or Green's. 

Monogram 1-72 Grumman Bearcat
Built by Matt Kranyik in March 1986.

Italeri 1/72nd A-4 Skyhawks
Built by Russ Taylor in he early 90's.

Russ's flock of skyhawks includes an A-4E, an OA-4M and a A-4M.

1/25 1976 Ford Van
Built by Gil Hernandez in August 1976

Gil's oldest model was built out of box, wired with thread used for brake lines and ignition and engine wiring. Aluminum foil was used for the  one-way mirroring. Gil is thinking of rebuilding it to its former glory.

Matchbox 1/72 Aeritalia G-91Y Yankee
Built by Vinnie Casarino in 1990
1/25 3 Window Coupe
Built by RaeAnn DeHay in 1999
This is RaeAnn's first kit, and was painted with a paint pen. 
A quick note to the modeling world- women built plastic kits, too!