Bob Bracci

1/72 Douglas O-46 Observation Aircraft,
CT Air National Guard (1935-1941)


The kit began as an Execuform Models vacuform kit and was extensively modified with much scratchbuilding. The interior was completely scratchbuilt as was much of the wing structure,  supports and rigging. Colors were Chrome Yellow and Army Light Blue. final coated with clear gloss acrylic. markings were star roundels and code numbers from the Sword Sikorsky S-43 kit, rudder stripes from a Super Scale S-3B. The ANG markings were scanned and printed on label stock which was used as a stencil. Canopy framing was painted 1/64 in strips of Bare-Metal Foil.

This kit, part of the club's Connecticut Air National Guard project, was Bob's first vac-form kit, and took 120 hours to research and build.

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